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» Flash

Flash content reaches over 98% of internet viewers, making it a very popular online video format. ClipSyndicate's Flash integration embeds a Flash video player right onto your website, loaded with a Channel of your choice.

» JavaScript

JavaScript adds functionality to a website that goes beyond simple HTML. ClipSyndicate's JavaScript integration allows users to embed Channels into their websites in a unique and compelling fashion.

Clip Tip

Clip Tip: Some blog sites do not support JavaScript.


RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a XML-based program that allows users to subscribe to their favorite websites. A RSS reader can check a user's feeds and display them.

ClipSyndicate allows you to publish RSS feeds of your Channels. When users load your RSS feed(s) into a reader, they will be notified each time you update your Channel - a really simple, hands-free way to generate traffic!

» Smart Channel

A Smart Channel is a saved search and will automatically your site when new clips become available that meet your search criteria. This feature is perfect if you want to regularly update your site with the same type of content.

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