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» Browsing for clips

Browse for clips by surfing ClipSyndicate's Featured Channels on the homepage or click a Channel under the "video" tab in the top navigation.

» Searching for clips

Input keywords into the search field above and click the arrow. From the search results, you can explore related content by clicking on tags.

» Advanced Search

First select either a Keyword or Boolean search.

[A Boolean search is formed by using simple terms such as AND, OR and NOT to limit or qualify it.]

Searches can be further refined by including or excluding various content categories, types, and sources. Additionally, search results can be sorted by most recent or most relevant clips.

Clip Tip

Clip Tip: ClipSyndicate has a deep database of local news content from broadcasters throughout the U.S. Searching for specific content providers can be accomplished by including or excluding sources.

» Publishing clips to a website

* Once you have found your clip, simply paste the Embed Code into your website!

* There are other powerful publishing methods available by using Channels and Smart Channels.

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