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Common Core Testing Opt-Out

The Obama administration is facing a laesuit against common core. It accuses the U.S. Education Department of violating federal law and the tenth a...

Obama Administration faces common core lawsuit

The obama administration is facing a lawsuit over common core. Louisiana Governer Bobby Jindal announced the suit today. He accused the department ...

VA Reform Bill

President Obama has signed a Veterans Administration reform bill into law

Alabama Carbon Emissions

The Alabama Power Company recently announced it would cut back on its use of coal shortly after the EPA and Obama administration called for such cu...

McDaniel On Obamacare Rulings

Local attorney Mark McDaniel gives his analysis of what the ramifications of the two conflicting court rulings about Obamacare could be

Berks Perspectives

Panelists Chuck Gallagher, Ruth Martelli, and Fred Levering discussed the topics of American Exceptionalism and the founding of the United States; ...

Mo Brooks On Immigration Reform

Congressman Mo Brooks speaks on President Obama's pitch on why a bill should be passed on immigration reform and the possibility of executive action

What Did The Public Think Of Obamas Speech

Obama speech goers talk about what they thought of the visit and the speech

President Obama at West Point today

The president is expected to describe the future of the U.S. military to more than 1000 graduates who will be commissioned as 2nd lieutenants and h...

Obama anuncia sus planes para retiro de tropas en Afganistán

Washington D.C. (Entravision).- En la capital del país, tratando de poner fin a más de una década de guerra, el presidente Barack Obama anuncia sus...

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