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Obamacare premiums going up

Most Affordable Care Act plans will increase in price.

UC Expands Legal Services For Immigrant Students

The University of California is planning to offer legal services at six campuses to immigrant students who are facing deportation or have parents w...

White House Wiz Kids

Kid scientists shared their innovations and ambitions with President Obama today. 30 Lucky middleschool students went to the White House today for ...

President to announce ISIS strategy

President Obama will address the nation Wednesday night on his strategy to take on the terror group ISIS.

President Obama meets with world leaders.

President Obama is meeting with world leaders at High Stakes Summit

Obama Presents Worker-Aligned Agenda in Wisconsin

Obama visits Wisconsin on this Labor Day to discuss the improvement of the Wisconsin Labor Movement.

Common Core Testing Opt-Out

The Obama administration is facing a laesuit against common core. It accuses the U.S. Education Department of violating federal law and the tenth a...

Obama Administration faces common core lawsuit

The obama administration is facing a lawsuit over common core. Louisiana Governer Bobby Jindal announced the suit today. He accused the department ...

VA Reform Bill

President Obama has signed a Veterans Administration reform bill into law

Alabama Carbon Emissions

The Alabama Power Company recently announced it would cut back on its use of coal shortly after the EPA and Obama administration called for such cu...

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