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Cool way To Dye Hair Extensions

Beauty guru Brittany Baylin shares some great tips on a cool way to dye hair extensions.

Cool False Eyelashes

Fashion and beauty guru Brittany Baylin talks about the finer points on applying and maintaing false eyelashes.

Keeping Bleached Hair Healty

Fashion and Beauty vlogger Brittany Bayln shares some of her secrets on how to keep bleached and processed hair healthy feeling and looking.

Cute and Sexy Fishtail Hair Tips

Beauty and fashion guru Brittany Bayln shows you how to sport a cute and sexy fishtail hairdo.

Full Lips Bronzed Skin

Check out beauty expert Brittany Bayln's tips on sexy full lips and bronzed skin.

Brttany Baylin - The Art of Concealing

Fashion and beauty expert Brittany Bayln gives tips on the art of flawless skin.

Brittany Bayln Cute Face Of The Day

Beauty expert Brittany Bayln gives tips on a bright and light makeup routine.

Easy Cute Braid Look

Fashion expert Brittany Bayln shares some easy and cute tips on how you can create a fun look for yourself.

Brittany Bayln DIY Strawberry Mask

Expert fashion stylist Brittany Bayln gives fun tips on crating an exhilarating strawberry mask for beautiful skin.

Cool Beach Waves Hair

Beauty expert Brittany Bayln gives tips on creating some cute mini braids.

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