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How To Become An Aerobics Instructor

Looking to start a career as an aerobics instructor? In this Videojug guide Tina Baker, professional aerobics instructor, shares some tips and advi...

How To Flair

Have you ever been captivated watching a bartender perform fancy juggling with bottles and tins? Bartender Lucas will show you how to get started w...

How To Free Pour

Free pouring is the skill of being able to pour from a small spout the correct measure of liquid that is required. It is a skill that is learned an...

How To Invest Your Money

When you decide to invest your money, the answer to how is within you. You should know what risk and what reward you want.

How To Make Low Risk Investments

When making a low risk investment, keep in mind that not everyone's idea of low risk is the same. Make sure the investment is low risk to you.

How To Become Psychic

You have to learn the right way and study the right course of things before you want to become a psychic. Here are some words of advice from an exp...

How To Invest In Property

Andrew Charalambous gives tips on the subject of buying property. He shares his advice for both types of property buyers, the income seekers and th...

How To Find An Investor

If you are looking for someone to invest in your idea, this video will give you some great ideas on what to do and where to go.

How To Beat An Economic Recession

Do you know how to survive an economic recession? Here are simple tips you can use to ride out a recession and come out on top!

How To Understand The Causes Of Financial Crisis

This film is designed to give insight into the causes of financial crisis. So, follow along and learn what activities precipitate financial decline.

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