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Angelina Jolie Approves of Brad Pitt's Request to Seal Children's Records

Angelina Jolie has reportedly approved a requested made by Brad Pitt to have their children's records sealed as acrimonious divorce continues.

Kanye West Cancels 2017 European Saint Pablo Tour

Kanye West has cancelled his 2017 European Saint Pablo tour, originally planned for Paris, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Bella Hadid Has Daily Grilled Cheese and Fries Diet

Bella Hadid may not look like it, but the model shared on Snapchat that she indulges in a daily meal of French fries and grilled cheese.

Kanye West Seeks Out New York City Based Psychiatrists

Kanye West has his mental health team taking care of him on the West Coast, but reportedly made a special trip to New York City to interview psychi...

Gigi Hadid Attributes Weight Loss to Thyroid Disease

Gigi Hadid has to fight to keep from losing too much weight, and discusses the her struggles with a thyroid disease with Elle Magazine.

Lea Michele Shows Off 'Finn' Tattoo in Cory Monteith's Memory

Lea Michele shows off her "Finn" tattoo that she has in Cory Monteith's memory.

Demi Lovato Opens Up About Mental Illness During DNC Speech

Demi Lovato was one of the speakers at the Democratic Convention and when it came time for her to speak she opened up about mental illness and urge...

Sarah Silverman Emerges in New York City After Near-Fatal Health Scare

Sarah Silverman emerges in New York City, looking healthy after her near-fatal brush with an extremely rare illness.

Charlie Sheen Feels Younger, Smarter, and Sexier

Charlie Sheen revealed to Piers Morgan that the new drug Pro 140 has made him feel younger, smarter, and sexier.

Beyonce Raises Concerns With Unhealthy 'Comfort Eating' Diet

Beyonce has reportedly been raising concerns due to an unhealthy, sugar high diet due to "comfort eating" to deal with the stresses of touring and ...

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