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Tiger Woods Blames Prescription Medicine for DUI

Tiger Woods has released a statement regarding his arrest for DUI in Florida. He blamed an "unexpected reaction" to prescription medicine as the re...

Summer Ready LeAnn Rimes Discusses Workouts For Her Backside

LeAnn Rimes admits that she works "pretty hard" on her backside, and shares some workout tips for #TightTushTuesday.

If Alexandra Daddario and Zac Efron Are an Item, Here's What She's Like to Date

Alexandra Daddario and Zac Efron are possibly getting romantic, and if they are, the actress tells Women's Health magazine a little bit about what ...

Jon Voight Talks Trump Care While Out in Hollywood

Legendary screen star Jon Voight gave us his thoughts on Trump Care while out and about in Hollywood after attending the King Arthur: Legend of the...

Val Kilmer Asked About His Health While Healing From Cancer

Val Kilmer is asked about his health after admitting that he's healing from cancer.

Lena Dunham's Medical Issues Cause Her to Miss Planned Parenthood Gala

Lena Dunham is still resting at home after suffering medical problems stemming from her battle with endometriosis during the Met Gala, and things g...

Val Kilmer Admits to 'Healing of Cancer'

Val Kilmer admitted that he had a 'healing of cancer' during a Reddit AMA, marking the first time he acknowledged the health scare that has worried...

Bob Harper Talks About His Recovery After Heart Attack

Health guru Bob Harper was enjoying a walk with his dog while out and about in New York City, so we just had to check in with him and see how he's ...

Friends of Nick Cannon Worry About His Mental Health

Friends of Nick Cannon reportedly worry that the entertainer is suffering from mental health issues.

Mischa Barton Hospitalized in Los Angeles After 'Speaking Incoherently'

Mischa Barton has been hospitalized in Los Angeles after "speaking incoherently."

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