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How to Peel Ginger: Howdini Hacks

When peeling ginger, ditch the fancy tools and reach for a spoon! Howdini shares a technique that yields more fresh ginger than using a vegetable p...

How to Chop Parsley: Howdini Hacks

Chopping parsley is a breeze with this easy tip. Howdini shares how to chop parsley with a great technique that removes the leaves from the stems q...

How to Peel Potatoes: Howdini Hacks

Your days of peeling potatoes over the trash can are over. Howdini shares a great technique to peel a potato without a peeler or a knife!

How to Pit a Plum: Howdini Hacks

Pitting plums can be a sticky endeavor. Howdini has a super quick and easy method for how to pit a plum just in time for the summer season.

How to Make Green Juice

Making Green juice is a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Howdini shares a simple recipe that can be made at...

4 Secrets to Long Lasting Lipstick

Make a statement with a bold lip. From prep to the finishing touch, Howdini shares four secrets to make your favorite shade last all night long!

How to Make Detox Juice

Whether you've had a late night out or just need a healthy pick me up, drinking a detox juice is a great way to rejuvenate your body. Howdini share...

How to Make Immunity Boosting Juice

If you feel a cold coming on or simply want to up your defenses, this immunity booster juice is delicious and nutritious. Howdini shares a recipe t...

How to Make Patriotic Cupcakes

These patriotic cupcakes are perfect for national holidays or any party where you want to serve up some colorful, delicious treats! Howdini shows y...

How to Make Almond Milk

Almond milk is a satisfying drink that's delicious on its own, or when added to coffee or smoothies. Howdini shares a simple recipe to make at home...

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