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Weather Blog Update December 23, 2018

After a quick wave gave us some AM clouds and some very light rain/snow showers, we had a quiet Sunday to wrap up the weekend. Most of Christmas Ev...

Weather Blog December 22nd Update

We may have a quick shot for a little rain and snow overnight, but our Sunday is looking quiet during the day. We're watching better rain chances t...

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Kid Approved Toys from the Lafayette Moms Blog

Kid Approved Toys from the Lafayette Moms Blog

Avance del Pronostico

Avance del Pronostico

Weather Blog December 16th Update

We ended the weekend on a quiet note and we'll have the new work week (and shortened school week for the kids) start off on a quiet note as well. W...

Weather Blog December 15, 2018 Update

Compared to Friday, our Saturday was much brighter and warmer. We'll repeat things again for your Sunday afternoon after we start off on a cold not...

Weather Blog December 13th Update

Thanks to our current system off to our south, it was strong enough to bring clouds and rain back in here for today. It will try to keep rain chanc...

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Egg Bowl Fans

Egg Bowl Fans

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