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New marine research center for USM in Gulfport

The University of Southern Mississippi’s School of Ocean Science and Engineering has a new marine research center at the Port of Gulfport. The new...

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Facebook 12-17

Delay in Valley School Start Times

Delay in Valley School Start Times Friday Morning.

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Mystery Boom Rattles Tiny Colorado Town

Residents of Lochbuie, Colorado are still trying to figure out the source of a mysterious boom heard throughout the town Monday evening.

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The Great American Shakeout

Mississippi lies on the edge of the New Madrid fault zone. While it’s been more than 200 years since a major earthquake rattled our state, the Miss...

STC Geologist Explains Science Behind Mexico's Earthquake

STC geology professor Ravindra Nandigam said Mexico City is sitting in between two plates causing the quakes to happen.

Take a Deep Breath

Fracking in Pennsylvania and grassroots efforts to put a halt to any new drilling are discussed in this case for a MORALtorium on fracking by panel...

KRBC Abilene's Local News remembers Elise Ybarra

KRBC Abilene's Local News remembers Elise Ybarra

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