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The Healthy WAAY: Treatment for Prostrate Cancer

A new trial evaluating people with advanced cases of prostrate cancer to develop effective treatments for the disease

The Healthy WAAY: Treatment for Parkinson's

Researchers at the University of Arizona are testing an old drug to see if it can bring new relief to those suffering from Parkinson's Disease

The Healthy WAAY: Treatment for Blood Clot Risks

A new study aimed at finding patients who are at risk of atrial fibrillation and helping doctors make better decisions about treatment

The Healthy WAAY: New Liver Cancer Treatment

Researchers are treating liver cancer with micro-bubbles, small bubbles with a solid shell and a gas inside, in tandem with radiation

The Healthy WAAY; Fish Treatment for Diabetes

Researchers at Harvard Medical School are looking at Mexican cave fish for a possible treatment for diabetes



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The Healthy WAAY: Fitness Tracker For Your DNA

A California-based company has developed a test to determine one's cellular age

Theresa Lasal; Middle Georgia State Women's Cross Country

Ty Wilson interviews Theresa Lasal a Biology Student at Middle Georgia State University, and Cross Country Player. The MGA Women's Cross Country te...

The Healthy WAAY: Treatment for Autism

The results of a small clinical trial in San Diego may offer new hope for the treatment of autism

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