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The Healthy WAAY; Fish Treatment for Diabetes

Researchers at Harvard Medical School are looking at Mexican cave fish for a possible treatment for diabetes



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The Healthy WAAY: Fitness Tracker For Your DNA

A California-based company has developed a test to determine one's cellular age

Theresa Lasal; Middle Georgia State Women's Cross Country

Ty Wilson interviews Theresa Lasal a Biology Student at Middle Georgia State University, and Cross Country Player. The MGA Women's Cross Country te...

The Healthy WAAY: Treatment for Autism

The results of a small clinical trial in San Diego may offer new hope for the treatment of autism

The Healthy WAAY: Repurposed Drug for Zika

A drug used to treat Hepatitis C may be an effective cure for Zika

The Healthy WAAY: Migraine Increases Risk of TMJ

A new study shows that people who have chronic migraines are also more likely to have temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ for short.

The Healthy WAAY: Restoring Vision With Stem Cell Therapy

A doctor in Florida is helping people regain their vision using a unique procedure involving stem cells

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