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Naked Jumping Jacks Leads to Arrest

A man was arrested in Nashville accused of doing jumping jacks while naked inside the ladies room of a McDonald's

That's What She Said!

Join Jane Street, Sheila Harrington, Martha Richardson, and Nicole Weaver as they chat about things old, current, and future, and reminisce about b...

Council on Chemical Abuse: Drug and Alcohol Update

Yvonne Stroman is joined by Stacy Short to talk about access to treatment for youth.

The Healthy WAAY: Heart Disease Risks

Ways to lower one's risk of developing heart disease

That's What She Said!

Jane Street, Sheila Harrington, Martha Richardson, and Nicole Weaver talk among themselves about the past, present, and future. They also discuss a...

Medical Monday; Jessica Hatcher: Coliseum Medical Center

Ty Wilson interviews Jessica Hatcher from the Coliseum Medical Center for this week's Medical Monday segment. Hatcher talks about ways to deal with...

pub crawl

pub crawl in newburgh

Del. HB 284 signing

Del. HB 284 signing

Possible Changes To Research Park

WAAY 31's Will Robinson-Smith talks about a possible rezoning of Cummings Research Park that could allow alcohol sales and food trucks in the area

Council on Chemical Abuse: Drug & Alcohol Update

Yvonne Stroman and Sara Billman discuss underage drinking and programs for alcohol education.

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