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Purdue-Louisville pregame live shot abbrev.


Healthwatch: Ankle Surgery

Chelly Boutott reports

Burley patients get big city medical resources

The Intermountain Healthcare center uses telemedicine to get specialists into multiple hospitals.

Andrews Takes Out Borger for Bi-District Win

Highlights here

Utah Stem Cells Westgate

Utah Stem Cells Westgate

Sports medicine team ready for injuries of sporting event

St. Luke's working on expanding sports medicine traveling facilities.

Utah Stem Cells Westgate

Utah Stem Cells Westgate

Web Chat on Sports Injuries

Orthopedic specialist answers your questions about sports injuries.

Dr. Bill Dodson Demonstrates Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling is a therapeutic treatment involving a filament needle to treat conditions ranging from headaches, neck and back pain to...

tisia clip

tisia clip

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