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The Healthy WAAY: Treatment for Blood Clot Risks

A new study aimed at finding patients who are at risk of atrial fibrillation and helping doctors make better decisions about treatment

The Mike Zielinski Show

Anne Desjardins, regional director of the Berks County Lyme Support Group, shares her story with Mike Zielinski.

The Healthy WAAY: Smart Parts for Amputees

Some scientists are researching and designing "smart parts" prosthetic implants that are resistant to dangerous bacteria that cause infections

UK fan shot in South Carolina returns one year later to thank doctors

It was one year ago this week that Bourbon County native Denise Massey was shot in the face while in South Carolina for a UK football game.

The Healthy WAAY: Treatment For Respiratory Problems

Some doctors think the cause for some respiratory problems might be in the stomach rather than the lungs

Healthwatch: Doctors have new advice for brain injury recovery

The latest health headlines from

Talk With Your Doctors - TWYD20180917

Talk With Your Doctors - Epilepsy

The Healthy WAAY: Rethinking Treatment for Low Back Pain

Two studies out of the University of Washington say that seeing a doctor may not be the best first option for low back pain

VIDEO: 4 Montgomery County doctors accused of illegally writing scripts

VIDEO: 4 Montgomery County doctors accused of illegally writing scripts

UW Health doctors answer all your flu questions

How bad will this year's flu be? Should your kids get the flu mist? How long will the vaccine last?

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