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The Healthy WAAY: Chemotherapy Overused?

There is a growing debate within the medical cancer community about whether or not chemotherapy is over used as a treatment

Healthwatch: Doctors try to answer question, 'Boxers or briefs?'

The latest health headlines from

Local doctors see more Hand-Food-and-Mouth Disease

Local doctors are seeing an increase in cases of Hand-Food-and-Mouth Disease.

The Healthy WAAY: Gulf War Illness Breakthrough

A new breakthrough for treating the Gulf War Illness that affected many soldiers who were involved in Operation Desert Storm

Tennessee River Dental 08-01-18


Doctors: Stay Inside If you Can

Air Quality Alert

Doctors warn about heat-related illnesses as temperatures rise

There are steps you can take to prevent heat-related illnesses.

Doctors at WSU Med School warning folks to watch out for swimmer's itch as weather warms

As summer ramps up and the weathers warms, area lakes are also warming making for a perfect environment for the parasite that causes swimmer's itch...

Doctors already planning for next flu season

The flu might not be on your mind this summer but the fight against the next flu season has already begun.

UBS blood marathon

blood drive

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