Brain Damage

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Locked-In Syndrome

Researchers use imaging technology to help kids who've suffered brain damage, due to near drowning.

Healthwatch: Time is Brain

Chelly Boutott reports

SPECIAL REPORT: Teen drinking outweighs teen opioid use

BATH, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Alcohol use in teenagers can cause irreversible brain damage according to doctors.

Healthwatch: MS Early Brain Changes

Chelly Boutott reports

Man found seriously injured lying on 490

A Fairport man suffered a serious head injury.

Helping Vets with TBI

Pitt is studying brain scan technology designed to detect TBI and point to treatments.

three years since former Harrison Central standout’s head in

Three years ago today, Michael Gilbert’s life changed forever when he incurred a severe head injury prior to his senior season with the Southern Mi...

Local man starts traumatic brain injury group

The group will run the first Tuesday morning of every month for people recovering from traumatic brain injury groups.

Concussion Impact

Concussion Impact

69News morning NETCAST 9/14/17

A Berks County man is facing homicide charges in the death of his 4-month-old son. Allentown police made three arrests in a ongoing drug investigat...

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