Brain Damage

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The Healthy WAAY: Reversing Brain Disorder

A little known condition that mimics maladies like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's that can be reversed with treatment

Youth football brain damage study reveals frightening statistics

A new study shows kids who play tackle before the age of 12 are more likely to get the brain injuries seen in retired NFL players. KXLY4's Jack Fer...

Four people rescued from water in Biloxi

Four people leaving a fishing tournament were rescued after a boating accident under the Highway 90 Bridge in Biloxi. According to Department of M...

Valley Veteran Hopes New Web Tool Will Help Appeals Process

She says she's been appealing her VA benefits for 10 years.

The Healthy WAAY: Stem Cells And Stroke Treatments

Researchers are now using stem cells to help repair brain damage caused by strokes

Disabilities: Issues & Updates

Terrisa D. Faulkner is joined by Kira Kolbe to help raise awareness for traumatic brain injury.

Medical Monday; Jennifer Peth

Karlisha Booze interviews Jennifer Peth from the Medical Center of Navicent Health. The month of March is Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness month, a...

Family Cat Discovered with Dart Lodged in Head

The cat, Buster, was let out of the house and when he returned, his owners found the dart.

Locked-In Syndrome

Researchers use imaging technology to help kids who've suffered brain damage, due to near drowning.

Healthwatch: Time is Brain

Chelly Boutott reports

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