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Medical Breakthroughs - Making imagine safe for pacemakers

For years, older model pacemakers were not compatible with MRIs because the metal in the pacemakers caused the magnetic imaging devices to fail, le...

Senior Awareness Health Fair

The Jackson County Senior Awareness Committee is once again making it easier for seniors in the community to get informed on healthcare. Today, the...

Commissioners' Meeting

The County of Berks Board of Commissioners' meeting of Thursday, December 13, 2018.

Medical Breakthroughs - Zombie cells & Alzheimer's disease

Researchers are watching so-called "zombie cells" to monitor the impact on Alzheimer's.

Elaine Lucas Senior Center offers more activities and events for seniors to do

Senior citizens in Macon-Bibb have their own facility to hang out.

Medical Breakthroughs - Tracking lung cancer

Lung cancer nodules move every time a person breathes, making it incredibly difficult for doctors to pinpoint their location.

Medical Breakthroughs - Getting rid of bunions

Berks Boomers

Gary Hawkins is joined by Adam Wentling to talk about hearing help for boomers.

Halloween Spectacular

You are never too old to enjoy Halloween which is why for the past four years dozens of senior citizens put on their witches hats, face paint, and ...

Golden Alert Cancelled

Golden Alert Cancelled

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