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The Healthy WAAY: Better Brain Health

A first of its kind study that's designed to research if brain games for seniors can improve both memory and mobility

Voices for those Who Don't Have One

Nursing home abuse is a big concern for families with aging members, but here in Evansville, we have an organization that speaks up for those that ...

Medical Breakthroughs: Exercise and brain health

Does exercise lead to better brain health? Or is it the other way around?

Senior Matters: senior citizens and high temperatures

When we get older our bodies are just not the same as the use to be. So, when we deal with the high temperatures like what we have been dealing wit...

Ask A Lawyer

Michael W. McGuckin is joined by Kenneth Millman to talk about nursing home abuse.

Heat illness concerns for seniors

Seniors are more susceptible to heat-related health issues.

Senior Matters: Depression

Around 19 million American adults are affected by depression. It can leave you feeling alone and desperate and with senior citizens it can be much ...

Nutrition and Wellness

Dr. Zellers talks about how to avoid inflammation.

Berks Boomers

Gary Hawkins is joined by Samir Nabar to talk about boomers and mental health.

Medical Breakthroughs - Fixing a broken heart

Three million Americans every year struggle with a leaky mitral valve.

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