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The Key To Better Health For Women

Women often watch what they eat and take care of their skin, but despite that, they may be ignoring an important part of their body that can have a...

Girls on the Run

Shelby Blair's favorite thing about Girls on the Run is being able to hang out with her friends while running and getting fresh air. Heidi Guckenb...

Nixa Dental - 11/27/17

Nixa Dental - 11/27/17

Research shows women make common mistake

Research shows too many women avoid strength training.

Little Rock Mother of Two Battling Alcohol Addiction

Bringing light and opening up about a problem is what they call the first step to sobriety.

The Dangers Of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are popular among women everywhere for length and volume. But they can also cause some unwanted reactions and spread infections.

Today's Health: Turkey Safety Tips, Sports Injuries & More

On this week's edition of Today's Health we look at how to cook a turkey safely, sport injuries in kids, mammograms for overweight women, and more.

Turkey Trot with Chix in Training

Chix in Training are inviting you to do a little turkey trot this Thursday!

Circle of Life Coalition

Yoga instructor Sue Siegrist talks how practicing yoga can relieve stress and provide a healthy outlook. With host Judy Wechter

Ritmo y Cultura

Host Mereliss Colon and guest Letty Vazquez discuss the topic: Letty - como es arroz blanco.

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