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Candy & Costumes Everywhere for the Downtown Spooktacular

Kids chasing candy where running all around downtown on Saturday. Hundreds of families could be seen gathering for activities, trick or treating,...

Talking with renowned animator behind cartoon classics

Tyson Romero talks with animator Genndy Tartatovsky about his series Samurai Jack.

State Rep Ryan Spain Pt 2 8-27-17

State Rep Ryan Spain talks tentative school funding deal and the fallout from Gov Rauner's cartoon controversy.

State Sen Chuck Weaver Pt 2 8-27-17

State Sen Chuck Weaver talks about tentative school funding deal and the fallout from Gov. Rauner's cartoon controversy.

Rauner confronted over 'racist' cartoon

Rauner confronted over 'racist' cartoon

controversal cartoon

a political cartoon sparks a national deabte

After 30 years in business, Cartoons becomes Krave

The new owners of the venue have spent months remodeling the business.

Cartoons is Now Krave Oyster Bar and Grill

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--While one door closes another opens.

hot topics

we talk disney is watching you watch them

July 22 Full Weather 6 PM

Saturday, July 22, 2017 full weather at 6 p.m. Heat continues across the Ozarks, so we baked cookies in a news car.

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