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Matchmaker, matchmaker, who is the match?

Amber and David will “find the find, and catch the catch” in a new game we’re playing called “Matchmaker”. Our hosts will see a celebrity, and they...

Play “Who am I?” with Troy and David

Troy and David are again playing a game called “Who Am I?” They each take turns describing the person on the piece of paper so the other can guess ...

Salad Days are here Again

January 9 - Daily J!

January 8 - Daily J!

January 8 - Daily J!

January 7: Daily J!

What Are You Eating?

We are playing one of Troy’s favorite games: What Are You Eating? People have to guess what they’re putting in their mouths. Here are the different...

The Dating Game LIVE Tomorrow Night!

There's a fun event coming up, and to get you in the spirit, we're recreating the famous game.

David Plays “Shut Your Mouth” with Troy

Can you understand what David’s saying? Did you have to peak at the answer? Watch and have a laugh as Troy guesses what David is trying to say in o...

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