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Look and Feel Good with Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics

On Midday, we're always talking about the latest and greatest when it comes to looking and feeling your best, so we have Allison Briggs from Bluegr...

Lexington Lions Club Bluegrass Fair

Lexington Lions Club Bluegrass Fair

Watch the Bluegrass Fair’s Pig Race

Start your engines, little piggies! One of the Bluegrass Fair’s staples is the pig races. Shaun, who’s the owner of the petting zoo, explains. Go t...

Food, Glorious Food at the Bluegrass Fair

When you go to the Bluegrass Fair, you can't forget about the food! Britney and Matt are here to give us the tour. Make sure you go to the fair’s w...

It’s a Jungle – rather, a Zoo – at the Bluegrass Fair

There are several animals at the Bluegrass Fair, especially at the petting zoo! Shaun, the owner, gives us a sneak peak. Check out the fair’s websi...

See the Bluegrass Fair’s Agricultural Side

There's a lot that happens at the Bluegrass Fair. John is here to tell us more about the other agricultural adventures you can go on, as well as th...

Bluegrass Fair hosts Entertainment for all ages

One of the things at the bluegrass fair is entertainment. Here is Brad, one of the performers of the Nerveless Nocks Thrill Show. Head over to the ...

Enjoy the Rides at the Bluegrass Fair

There are plenty of fun things to do at the bluegrass fair, like riding all the rides! Rob is here to tell us more, and to get more information, go...

Learn more about the Bluegrass Fair’s History

We are at the 57th anniversary of Bluegrass Fair where there is so much to do. Here to talk more about the history of the fair is Mac. To get more ...

Grundy Sheriff lip sync

Grundy County Sheriff Lip Sync and his staff take the Police Lip Sync Challenge with the Bluegrass standard, Dooley. (Don't miss the Walk On)

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