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DNR officials provide safety tips and new rules for this gun deer-hunting season

Snowy weather is on the way, but that's not deterring hunters in Wisconsin from participating in the nine-day gun deer hunting season.

News 8 Eye Piece: Hunting and Family

Depending on which side of the Mississippi you live on, the gun-deer season is either underway, or starts soon. New 8 photographer Victoria Larson ...

Eyepiece: Deer Hunting Trip

Eyepiece: Deer Hunting Trip

Hunting for ghosts with Patti Starr

Do you believe in ghosts? Certified ghost hunter Patti Starr came to our studio earlier this week, and she found some interesting things. Watch to ...

Lee Hunting Accident

Lee Hunting Accident



Berks County Outdoors

Bob Entler and Rodger Mallon talk about fall outdoors.

Deer hunting with bows on city-owned land

Mason City Police accepting applications for people to bow hunt on city-owned property.

Antlerless deer hunting

It's a special weekend aiming to stop disease from spreading

Roadkill legalized

New regulation go into effect January 2018

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