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Loper Report: Loper reviews 'The Nun,' 'Peppermint'

Will Loper reviews horror film "The Nun" and the vigilant-revenge film starring Jennifer Garner, "Peppermint."

Thursday Morning Sprint

There’s a chance for storms starting this afternoon. Movie theaters are choosing not to show a horror movie due to its ties to an attempted murder ...

Student recounts 'heinous' high school shooting

Gavin Heady, a junior at Marshall County High School described the shooting at Madison County High School as something out of a horror film.

Box Office Buzz - 11/22/17

Box Office Buzz - 11/22/17

"Dracula" at C-NS: 11-17-17

A horror classic gets a twist, thanks to this Cool School! NewsChannel 9 has a sneak preview of Cicero-North Syracuse's production of "Dracula" an...

Box Office Buzz - 11/9/17

Box Office Buzz - 11/9/17

Box Office Buzz - 11/2/17

Box Office Buzz - 11/2/17

PA Live: Top Horror Flicks of 2017 October 31, 2017

Nothing says Halloween like enjoy a scary movie. Movie Guy Jeff Boam talks about his top horror flicks of 2017.

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Cinema Chat

Mermaids are the theme as John Nelka shows clips from the movies "The Lure" and "Night Tide".

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