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The Institute Presents

Yocum Institute for Art Education Artistic Director Beverly Houck is joined by set designer Nadia Perfect-Riznyk and painter Tammy Updegrove to tal...

Greater Reading ACT-UP

Makeup artist Matthew Thomas demonstrates theater makeup techniques on 'victims' Ruth Martelli, Larry Pisano, and Debbi Silas. With host Pat Perfect.

Designer Tom Preis Debuts His Fall Collection

With the dawn of each new season, comes the opportunity to give our wardrobes a necessary update. The question many ask is where do we begin? For a...

Museum Roadshow

Take a tour of the Reading Public Museum Arboretum with host Fred Opalinski, RPM education assistant Colin Gallen, and curator of art & civilizatio...

Greater Reading ACT-UP

Pat Perfect talks with Brett Buckwalter, Production Coordinator at the Miller Center for the Arts ar RACC, about his career in lighting design, the...

Live shot at tiger deaux-nuts boudin sandwich

Live shot at tiger deaux-nuts boudin sandwich

Book Review: Author Finith Jernigan

Jernigan's book focuses on ways that each of us can dramatically improve the built environment.

Designer Genes

Iceland has nearly eliminated all Down syndrome births within the last 10 years.

Interior Designer, Dawn Totty, Gives Fall Decor Tips

Award Winning Interior Designer, Dawn Totty, shows us some fall decorating ideas.

Lynn Reviews / The Moskka designer diaper bag

Lynn Reviews / The Moskka designer diaper bag

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