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Henderson County High School

Henderson County High School students honors day.

Ask The Banker

Join KEZI 9 News each week for Ask The Banker.

build your empire


Daniel Egusquiza hosts an episode of Algo Cultural.

Neighborhood grant

Neighborhood grant

The Healthy WAAY: Credit Card Tips

Five tricks of credit card companies that you should watch out for

On Your Side - used car vs. certified pre-owned

There's no question that buying a certified pre-owned car - or CPO - comes with certain benefits.

New FBI Lab

WAAY 31's Will Robinson-Smith reports on a new FBI laboratory opening up in the Tennessee Valley

WR Ramsey & Associates- Tax Season 2019

Our guest, Jackie Christiansen, from WR Ramsey & Associates, joins us to talk about next year's tax season.

JT Davis Asset Management

Johnathan Davis from JT Davis Asset Management stopped by the show today share with our viewers some key information about the rise in interest rates.

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