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Putting Mississippians to work

“We used to have Mississippians looking for jobs, now we have jobs looking for Mississippians.” That was the phrase used by Governor Phil Bryant ye...

State of the State Address

The State of the State Address took place this evening with Governor Phil Bryant touting accomplishments of unemployment, mental health, and health...

Tate Reeves on status of Mississippi

When it comes to Mississippi’s economy and population growth, Lt. Governor Tate Reeves says things aren’t so bad. The Republican spoke Monday to t...

HOV: Preparing Mentally During Job Search

Self-esteem can dip during hard times for those unemployed. An expert says if left unmonitored, the situation can breed greater problems.

69-Year-Old Job Seeker Thinks His Age Might Hurt His Chances

Workforce Solutions suggests he highlights his experience.

International Supplier of Car Products Expanding Its Footpri

Cardone Industries will build a 900,000-square foot distribution center in Harlingen.

Workforce Solutions: Need for Valley Skilled Workers Expecte

The Cameron County organization said major industries like LNG are zeroing on the Valley.

Unemployment Rate in Valley Significant Higher Than National

By the end of 2017, the national unemployment rate was 4.1 percent, however, in the Rio Grande Valley; our average is anything but consistent.

My grocer laying off staff

My-web-grocer laid off nearly 20 employees. In a statement to local 22 news the company says it's part of a restructuring. The laid-off workers...

My web grocer lays off 18 people

Winooski company lets go, 18 employees,

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