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The Cook Mansion

The Cook Mansion

Wisconsin Legislature enters second day of lame duck session

Republicans hope to pass bills that will limit the powers of incoming Governor Tony Evers and other statewide offices won by Democrats

The Mike Zielinski Show

Mike's guest is Lee Olsen, President/CEO of Olsen Design Group and active in community service.

Madison building designed by local architect needs repair

A national landmark in Madison is facing serious structural challenges, and one organization is setting out to restore it.

Lauren Mauldin; Historic Macon Foundation

Ty Wilson interviews Lauren Mauldin from the Historic Macon Foundation. One of the many jobs of the Historic Macon Foundation is to preserve archit...

Creating from Kentucky Roots with Baron Gibson Designs

It's a company that focuses on detail, clarity, tradition, and innovation. Baron Gibson of Baron Gibson Designs join us to explain more about their...

Program to Prepare Students for Work in Architecture

An architecture instructor at TSC says he wants students to realize the little details matter.

Take Part in Preserving the Holy City's History and Architecture

This prevention month, learn how you can revel in Charleston's history and stunning architecture.

UL Architecture and Design Career Fair

students given chance to showcase portfolios and career goals

Sites & Sounds of Historic Berks

Carol Adams talks about events and activities at the Railroad Heritage Museum and Michael Lauter discusses the annual Christmas House Tour and othe...

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