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Don't Miss the River Basin Blues Blast!

We're singing The Blues, but we're not sad, we're celebrating...and we'll be celebrating again this Saturday, The River Basin Blues Blast is back!

Midday Guests 10/3/18 - Bukka White Blues Festival

Bukka White Blues Festival will be held Oct. 5th and 6th in the Blue Bluff Recreation Area. Admission is free. For more info call (662) 369-9440 or...

Acoustic Roadshow

Butch Imhoff is joined by the Rockman Blues Band.

Berks Arts Council

Meggan Kerber is joined by John Ernesto to talk about Reading Blues Fest.

Sing The Blues (and listen) at Burdette!

We love The Blues here in the tri state, and we're telling you where to catch some amazing bands all in one location!

Soul, groove, and heritage with the Daniel Mason Band

Among the several words people use to describe the Daniel Mason Band are soul, groove, and heritage. They combine different pieces of Rhythm & Blue...

DJ Rice continues playing music from Lexington

This musician is from Lexington, and DJ Rice has been in the music business for more than 40 years. He’s played with groups like the Coasters and t...

Blues on the Rock!

The 4th Annual Blues on the Rock Music Festival will take place on Sunday, September 2, 2018, at the Rockport City Park in Rockport, IN.

Enjoy Music saturated with Sean Whiting’s background

Sean Whiting is a musical artist that is saturated with the influence of the South that’s influenced by the soul of the blues. He uniquely blends t...

44 Blues Band of the Month: Muddy Gutt

This month's band is a throwback to when Blues was gritty, raw and real.

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