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Jake the Snake Roberts stops by

Jake the Snake Roberts stops by

Emerson Animal Health 3/29/18 - Snake Vaccine for Pets

On today's Animal Health, Dr. Karen Emerson of the Emerson Animal Hospital in West Point describes the symptoms and treatment for snake bites in p...

Calhoun snake scare

Calhoun Georgia does damage control over satirical Facebook post about snakes in their sewers.

Calhoun Facebook snake scare

Emily Cassulo reports on the efforts by Calhoun, Georgia leaders to squash a Facebook rumor of snakes in the sewers.

Zoo Guest of the Week: Bull Snake

The large nonvenomous snake can grown to an average of four to six feet in total length.



Snake River Districts

Glenns Ferry edges out Valley in girls district basketball action.

Water recharge in Snake River plain could surpass record

Water recharge levels are looking like they could far exceed goals, and last year's record.

Zoo Guest: Cat-Eyed Snake

You can see the zoo guest at the Gladys Porter Zoo.

Boone Mom Finds Snake in Kids' Room

It was not a rattlesnake as she first feared

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