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A snake befriends a girl, and parents are hiring "Fortnite" Coaches for their kids, this and more.

A python slithers up to a little girl and just stares at her face, and doesn't harm her at all. Parents are now hiring "Fortnite" coaches for their...

$300 Snake Massage

$300 Snake Massage

Medical Breakthroughs - Robotic snake gobbles tumors

Patients with colon tumors, or colorectal cancer, may sometimes face a difficult treatment depending upon the location and size of the lesion.

Robotic Snake Eliminates Tumors

Healthy WAAY

7/11 social sip snake on a plane fail

snake on a plane fail

Emerson Animal Health 7/3/18 - Rattle Snake Vaccine

Dr. Karen Emerson of the Emerson Animal Hospital in West Point describes why you should get your pet a vaccine to help against rattle snake bites.

Frozen with fear when a cat sees a snake

Frozen with fear when a cat sees a snake

What to do when bitten by venomous snake?

With the summer heat in full swing, that means snakes. But what should you do if you're the victim of a venomous snake bite.

Snake bites a woman in New Albany

Copperhead snake bit a woman along side the Tallahatchie River last night.

Snake sitings

Why are we seeing so many snakes in our area these days?

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