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Flute Circle

Native american flute circle. people of all skill levels were invited to play,while others simply enjoyed listening to the traditional tunes.

Flute Circle

Today was a nice day outside, -especially for January -- but "unity of Joplin" members stayed indoors for their native american flute circle.

Why aren't more women running for office? New study reveals women don't think they're qualified

A record number of women will be sworn in this week in the nation's capitol. Muslim women are serving for the first time, as are Native American wo...

First Native American woman in Congress has local ties

There has never been a Native American woman elected to congress...until now.

Native American Culture Day

Native American Culture Day

Waltman Family Reunion

November is Native American Month so why not celebrate it with a big ol’ family reunion? Now is your chance to get it on all the fun at the Waltman...

Muslim American Perspectives

Zia Mahmood talks about how he is proud to be an American.

2018 Latino Leadership Awards 09-06-18


Gathering At The Falls Powwow

KXLY4's Caroline Flynn reports from Riverfront Park about this weekend's Gathering At The Falls Powwow.

Bridge construction plans in Lauderdale County moving ahead

A bridge project is back on track now, after construction was slowed down by the discovery of Native American artifacts and an endangered species.

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