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Coliseum holds ‘Stroke Stroll’ for survivors

Coliseum Medical Centers is organizing a walk Thursday morning to celebrate stroke survivors.

New protocol for stroke patients at Multicare Deaconess aimed to get treatment administered faster

Multicare Deaconess is the only hospital in our area to be cutting out a few steps in their protocol when a stroke patient arrives. KXLY4's Carolin...

Think FAST when detecting stroke symptoms

Strokes are the fifth leading cause of death in Americans and the leading cause of disability. In Spokane, Multicare Deaconess says there are 10 ne...

The Healthy WAAY: New Therapy Saving Lives

Doctors are testing a medication that reverses the side effects of blood thinners taken to prevent strokes

Surviving a stroke

Surviving a stroke

PRMC health official on impacts on brain after stroke

Heath official discusses the impact on the brain when a stroke happens. May is Stroke Awareness Month.

Medical Monday: Denise Goings, RN; Medical Center of Navicent Health

Ty Wilson interviews Denise Goings from the Medical Center of Navicent Health for this weeks Medical Monday Segment. The month of May is National S...

Awareness tips for Stroke Awareness Month

Health officials gives tips for noticing strokes. May is Stroke Awareness Month.

Daily Holiday - National Stroke Awareness Month

Daily Holiday - National Stroke Awareness Month

Health official talks sleep effects during American Stroke Month

Officials discusses the effects sleep can have on your blood pressure and stroke risk.

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