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The Healthy WAAY: Treatment for Blood Clot Risks

A new study aimed at finding patients who are at risk of atrial fibrillation and helping doctors make better decisions about treatment

Navicent Health holds 12th Annual Stroke Symposium

Medical professionals and students are in town for an annual stroke symposium... at Medical Center, Navicent Health Wednesday morning.

The Healthy WAAY: Recognizing Strokes in Kids

Signs and symptoms that might indicate a kid is suffering a stroke

Regional Hospital receives stroke certification

Regional Hospital receives stroke certification

Medical Breakthroughs - Kids & stroke

When 15-year-old John Beveridge suddenly passed out on the football field, coaches and players rushed to his side to help. The reason for his sudde...

Raising Heat Stroke Awareness

Death of a toddler in Huntsville demonstrates the importance of heat stroke awareness.

Heart to Heart

Dave Spector is joined by Dr. Andrew Waxler to discuss strokes.

People Working Outdoors at Risk for Heat Stroke

The symptoms of heat stroke include muscle cramps, nausea, dizziness, headache and blurred vision.

The Healthy WAAY: The Dangers of Calcium

Why it's important to know your body's calcium level

Medical Monday; Dr. Sourbash Lahoti: Coliseum Health

Ty Wilson interviews Dr. Sourbash Lahoti from the Coliseum Health from this week's Medical Monday. Dr, Lahoti talks about the symptoms of a Stroke ...

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