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Border Patrol Warns Migrants Crossing Illegally about Dangers of Stash Houses

Chief Manuel Padilla Jr. says it’s a growing epidemic with reports of 122 stash houses being busted over the past six months.

Border Patrol Warns Potential Migrants about Smuggling Dangers, Threats

Officials issued the ‘Don’t Risk Your Life’ message to warn about crimes committed by smugglers, such as rape and sexual assault.

Local Media Allowed to Tour Border Patrol Facility

The agency says the law only allows for people to be detained in such facility for a maximum of 72 hours.

Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector Chief Addresses Zero Tolerance Policy on Immigration

The Chief of the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol sector addressed the media Sunday afternoon on the zero tolerance policy on immigration.

Border Patrol Seeing Increase in Recues as Temperatures Rise

With high temperatures being felt across the Rio Grande Valley, Border Patrol agents are seeing an increase in rescues along the border.

Zero-Tolerance Policy Causing Confusion amongst Families Seeking Asylum

On average, about 60 to 80 people in the country illegally arrive at the Humanitarian Respite Center every day.

Authorities Working to ID Body Found Buried in Property near San Benito

Border Patrol cadaver dogs scouted the property overnight until the body was found.

Border Patrol Chief Speaks Out on Murder of Agent in 2014

Vega was murdered by Gustavo Tijerina-Sandoval while on a fishing trip with his family in 2014.

Family of Murdered Border Patrol Agent Speaks Out

Gustavo Tijerina-Sandoval was officially sentenced to death for the 2014 shooting on Tuesday.

Over 100 People in US Illegally In Custody

Multiple stash house busts resulted in the arrest of over 100 people.

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