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Border Patrol, Spokane city council member respond to viral Twitter thread

The Spokane Intermodal Center is now at the center of a controversy that's gaining national attention, after a comedian's tweets about Spokane went...

Comedian's encounter with border patrol agents goes viral

A Portland comedian's treatment by border patrol officials in Spokane gets national attention after viral tweet. KXLY4's Kelsie Morgan reports.

Hundreds of Pounds of Cocaine Seized in Rio Grande City

Acting Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz says 700 pounds of cocaine came across the river.

Mother of Border Patrol Agent Killed While Fishing Finds Justice

She says she wants more than the 50 year sentence her son’s killer received.

Los Indios Mayor Speaks Out on Presidential Border Wall Discussion

He says the partial government shutdown and division in parties is not the answer to border security.

Pres. Trump Discusses Border Security during 1st Appearance in Valley

The government shutdown continues since Congress has not agreed on the border wall funding.

Customs and Border Protection to Have Additional Open Lanes for Holidays

A federal program will be allowing additional staffing for officers to have all lanes open.

Border Patrol Says Crossers with Criminal Backgrounds on the Rise

Residents in Granjeno say this has become a common occurrence.

Mission Man Says Life on the Border Brings Challenges

Local man says life on the Mexican border brings changes and challenges.

Man Escapes from McAllen Border Patrol Facility

Additional security measures are in place after a man escaped from a Border Patrol facility.

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