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Cold Weather Claims Lives of People in US Illegally

Border Patrol agents rescued several people lost in the brush who later died due to low temperatures.

Border Patrol Concerned Over False Family Units

Mothers with children are seen less often are a McAllen respite center, while fathers with their kids are making their way to the center in greater...

Border Patrol Rescues Dozens Lost in Texas Brush

Many of the people in the country illegally were found in different stages of hypothermia.

Catch and Release Policy Continues Despite Orders

People who cross the border illegally are being caught and released to the McAllen Bus Station.

Border Patrol Prepared to Treat Immigrants with Hypothermia

Many people crossing the border illegally continue risking their lives despite the cold temperatures.

CBP Deny Claims of Overcrowded Immigration Processing Cent

Agents were reporting the center reached capacity several of times during November.

Men Questioned for Death of Van Horn Border Patrol Agent

The incident happened back in November.

Border Patrol Apprehensions Steadily Rising

It started busy back in Oct. 2016 with 8,700. The numbers fell to 600 by Mar. 2017, but Border Patrol notices they're going back up.

New Developments In Death of Border Patrol Agent

New Developments In Death of Border Patrol Agent

Search Warrant Filed

New information surfacing about the Border Patrol Agent who was killed last month.

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