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Border Patrol Halts Smuggling Attempt After Driver Flees From Checkpoint

A human smuggling attempt is brought to a halt after a driver refused to stop for inspection at the Falfurrias checkpoint. Friday morning, agents ...

Officials Tracking Border Crossing Deaths, Rescues

Border Patrol and medical examiners both track border crossing deaths but do so using different methods.

Multi-Agency Raid at Edinburg Sports Bar

At least two people were taken into custody.

Bus Station Screening, Regulations Explained

Border Patrol agents seized $148,000 worth of cocaine from a woman traveling on a charter bus on Saturday.

4 In Custody after Failed Drug Smuggling Attempt

Nearly 300 pounds of drugs were seized.

Border Patrol Describes Recent Smuggling Trends

The Hidalgo County Precinct 3 Constable, Larry Gallardo Jr., says they sometimes make up to 30 apprehensions per day.

First Responder: Illegal Activity Puts Job in Negative Light

A local company says there is no law or regulations that stop them from selling these types of decals.

Fake EMS Vehicle Caught at Falfurrias Checkpoint

A K-9 unit alerted agents to something unusual about the EMS vehicle so it was referred for a secondary inspection.

60 Migrants Illegally Crossing Border Apprehended

They were found along the river bank near Hidalgo.

Federal Horse Patrols Used to Deter, Rescue People Crossing Illegally

The Sullivan City police chief says there’s been a slight uptick in illegal crossings in the area.

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