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Editorial: Jackie Robinson's 100th birthday

We all have people in our lives or in the history of our world who rise to a level of inspiration, admiration and awe that supersedes other heroes ...

Editorial: Foxconn's excitability

We sure wish everyone would just take a deep breath and stop jumping to unknowable conclusions every time Foxconn’s executives utter a sound.

Editorial: Be careful and smart in extreme cold

Some of this is probably a little repetitive with many of the news stories of the last few days, but really, there is no more important editorial o...

Editorial: Meeting the need for more teachers

We’re all for any effort to get more smart, creative, passionate and compassionate young people to be teachers.

Editorial: Be careful out there

Every once in a while the weather takes on an added layer of gravity that demands a little more of our attention and preparation and we are in one ...

Editorial: Lightning round

Maybe it’s the weather. It feels like a lot of folks used the snow day to make news. We need an editorial lightning round.

Editorial: Government workers work

Government work is proud and honorable and essential. The people who do it are good people. They deserve to know that.

Editorial: Caring for our fellow citizens

The truest compassion and care for another comes from the heart, often unexpectedly and many times between two people who do not even know each other.

Editorial: Add arts to direction

After our editorial last week expressing some optimism at the early indications of the direction of his administration and budget Gov. Tony Evers w...

Editorial: Martin Luther King Jr. Day -- Stop the racial slurs

I realize this might sound absurdly naive, but it seems incomprehensible to us that there would be professional educators in our public schools who...

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