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2nd Mexican Fruit Fly Quarantine Issued in the Valley

Both zones cover over 80 square miles.

Specialist Explains Dangers of Fruit Flies

He says owners are urged to clear citrus trees of fruit that have the Mexican Fruit Fly.

Valley Harvests Threatened by Citrus Canker

The Rancho Viejo area is currently under a citrus canker quarantine.

Researchers Take New Approach to Fight Cattle Fever Ticks

A local scientist is hoping to combat the tick through a secondary host.

Closed PODs Drill Prepares Mesa County for Pandemic

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. When a worldwide pandemic strikes -- what does one do during a state of emergency to protect their family? With a drill tha...

Spotted Lantern Fly 5:30 pm

A county in our region is the latest to be added to the quarantine list for spotted lantern flies.

Tonight on 69 News at 10 & 10:30 p.m.

Prosecutors have filed new documents related to the murder of Grace Packer as they get ready for trial. We'll tell you what those documents are say...

Quarantine lifted at the Spokane Humane Society

Man recovering after pit bulls attack

One man is recovering after what police say was a bad pit bull attack in Long Beach yesterday. Two dogs are under quarantine at the Humane Society ...

Iowa Almanac - Camp Dodge Quarantine

Iowa Almanac - Camp Dodge Quarantine

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