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Easy Does It

Dave Filipini is joined by Hamilton Newton to discuss certified recovery specialist training and continued care.

Council on Chemical Abuse: Drug & Alcohol Update

Yvonne Stroman and Mike Reese discuss gambling addiction.

YSS Francis Lauer Residential Addiction Facility

Governor Reynolds made an appearance for the grand opening.

Governor Announces Website to battle addiction

Hopes to combat the opiod epidemic.

addiction help

addiction help

Lawmakers want better treatment for opioid-addicted teens

The age-group hit hardest by opiate addiction, struggles the most to find treatment. For teens – the first high from a powerful painkiller is eve...

Addiction tearing America apart brings politicians together

Political opponents join together to fight a common enemy: addiction. The left and right share a sliver of common ground in DC. Fifty-six democra...

Outreach Ministry holds a session about fighting addiction

Tonight, the Wolf Creek Community Church in the Kiln hosted “No Judgement Day.” The event served as a session dedicated to fighting and overcoming ...

Berks Community Health Center Presents

Join Host Mary Ellen Maher-Harkins and special guests Helen Wooten and Deb Wurster as they discuss the many avenues of help for those suffering fro...

Healthtalk with Baptist - 01/01/18 - How tobacco addiction

How tobacco addiction starts and some of the health risks.

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