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Sheriff's Deputies host self-defense course for women

KXLY4's Caroline Flynn gets a lesson on how to defend against potential purse snatchers.

"I Took Care Of Business"

Attempted purse snatching takes a surprising turn when 82-year-old Florida woman tackles her would-be robber and holds her until police arrive.

Robert Jansen & Associates on Self Defense Tips to Help You

Robert Jansen & Associates on Self Defense Tips to Help You

Counter Response Tactical

Tim and Mark from Counter Response join WDBJ7 Sunday Mornin'.

5-10 Workout Wednesday: Women's Self Defense Class

Adam Pellegrino discusses his upcoming Self Defense Class.

Fighting back: Protecting your family and home from burglars

Two women targeted in burglaries allegedly by the same man in which he attacked on of the women. Syracuse Police say Samuel Bush, 26, grabbed the w...

Shasta Co. Sherrif reacts to recent self-defense shootings

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko believes there has been an increase in self-defense shootings. However, he also adds statewide and in the county ...

Self-defense shootings in Shasta County

A look at how many self-defense shootings there have been this year in Shasta County

1-23 Makeover Monday: Self Defense

Adam Pelligrino from ProCare shows proper self defense techniques.

Self Defense Classes fill up in wake of violent crimes

People of all ages are learning Krav Maga created for Israeli Defense Forces

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