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Self Defense Class offered at Lake Land College

We're learning the art of self defense.

Self Defense Ruths Place

A defense class at Ruths place teaches women to fend off potential attakers.

Evans Firearms & Archery - Non-lethal Defense Options

Looking for some Non-lethal Defense Options, check out this segment with Evans Firearms & Archery.

Civilian firearm safety class

Some South Mississippi residents had the chance to learn about gun safety from the Gulfport Police Department this afternoon. Once a month, the Gul...

Bentonville Women's Self Defense Class

Bentonville Women's Self Defense Class


Women's self defense class preview with Adam Pellegrino


Is wasp spray a substitute for pepper spray

Empowering Women Self Defense Class

Women got a free preview class

Self defense class

Self defense class

Women's self-defense class in Big Spring Park

A community jujitsu group called The Gentle Art in the Park helped organize this event, which teaches the same techniques police officers use.

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