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State of Emergency Declaration and Response

President Trump declares a State of Emergency to build his wall and Mo Brooks issues a response

Bridging the Generation Gap

Host Elizabeth "EJ" Jackson and students at Muhlenberg High School discuss President Trump's 2019 State of the Union Address.

Assembly OKs Republican tax cut plan

Republicans are inching closer to sending their middle-class tax cut plan to Democratic Gov. Tony Evers.

Registered Terre Haute City Council Republican will run as a Democrat in election

Registered Terre Haute City Council Republican will run as a Democrat in election

'That bill's not going to move': State Republicans denounce late-term abortion bills

Wisconsin Republicans are denouncing late-term abortion bills that have passed in other states.

Evers addresses Republican tax proposal

A Wisconsin middle class income tax cut plan was discussed at a public hearing at the state capitol.

Republicans blame Evers as Foxconn reconsiders plans for Wisconsin campus

Foxconn Technology Group is changing the focus of its planned $10 billion Wisconsin campus, while insisting it remains committed to creating 13,000...

Stone Pleads Not Guilty

Stone Pleads Not Guilty

Republicans call Medicaid expansion 'nonstarter' in rare meeting with Evers

In a rare, closed-door meeting between Senate and Assembly Republicans and new Gov. Tony Evers, lawmakers realized they will not come to an agreeme...

Local Republicans want more women, minorities and college-aged voters

The La Crosse County Republican party met today at its annual caucus.

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