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Landslide construction leaves businesses in dispair

Construction continues on a landslide near Mooreville, and a business owner says sales are taking a dive as a result.

Selkirk High student builds canoe from wood loosed in landslide

It all started on a whim and a chance after a landslide loosed cedar logs and a Selkirk High School shop class teacher asked who wanted to turn the...

Landslide Study

Landslide Study...

Residents blame worsening road over diverted landslide repair traffic

Residents are upset, after drivers are ignoring detour signs around highway 178 where a landslide caused the roadway to be closed.

Landslide still needs work

A landslide in Mooreville still needs work.

Landslide noon live

Highway 178 continues to slide, now visible is the old Highway 78 layed down in the 1940s.

Most likely scenario in Rattlesnake Ridge landslide

Families witness landslide in Wytheville

Families witness landslide in Wytheville

Light house

The Trinidad light house is a major concern for the city

Landslide has residents taking back road for months

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