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KRBC June 22 10p

KRBC June 22 10p

Man Set to Receive Compensation for Land

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said all owners of a property have to concur for just compensation.

San Benito Man Waiting on Eminent Domain Compensation

85 out of 325 eminent domain cases along the U.S.-Mexico border are still pending litigation.

New Proposal Could Bring Change to Sam Rittenberg Piggly Wig

A new resolution could give Mayor Tecklenberg authority of using eminent domain to buy and restore site of an old Piggly Wiggly supermarket.

Danville residents updet over possible eminent domain

The city says the project will go on despite protest of residents



Judge Rules in Eminent Domain Case

Property owner plans to appeal

Council Approves Eminent Domain for Two Additional Propertie

Council Approves Eminent Domain for Two Additional Properties for Blacksnake Creek Project

Potters Mill VFW forced to close

PennDOT's construction of a four-lane highway along Rt. 322 is taking over the VFW Post #9575 property by eminent domain.

Landowners in court over pipeline

Nine landowners believe the power of eminent domain was abused.

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