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BCSO: Scammers Targeting Elderly

Scammers are calling for a "loved one" who missed jury duty and must pay to avoid jail time.

Diversity: The Wider Vision

Joe Amprey is joined by Jessica Jones, Bob Heiden, Scott Ho, Chuck Holder, and Dale Rothenberger to talk about scams and hoe to combat them.

Twin Falls business used as part of scam, warns others to be cautious

The Steven S. Miller Construction Company was used as part of a scam on Craigslist and ZipRecruiter.

Avoiding Payment App Scams

Protecting Seniors from Scams - 3/21/18

Creating an educational website might sound a little odd coming from a senior health care facility, but one is doing just that to help keep seniors...

Facebook quizzes can compromise your information

The Better Business Bureau warns people about scammers using online quizzes to steal your information.

Inside the Community

Inside the Community

Scam/Hack Calls

One Monroe County woman keeps receiving scam/hack phone calls.

Better Business Bureau scam alert

The Better Business Bureau warns that there is an email scam to be aware of.

Ticket Scamming

Fans are ready to cheer on the Georgia Bulldogs, but the Better Business Bureau wants you to be aware of ticket scammers.

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