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Vandalism, neighborhood

Vandalism Destroyed Mailboxes

Communities , Vandalism

Woman Charged In Vandalism Of A Park Restroom

Woman charged in vandalism of a park restroom.

A Grand Valley Parks Restroom is Vandalized

Vandilisim is found during a routine check on Tuesday, done to a bathroom at Long Family Memorial Park.

Vandal Leaves Book of Mormon

Kevin Morris accused of trashing a Smith's breakroom in Provo

Funeral home vandalized by bicyclist

Serenity Funeral Home on second Second Avenue found an art piece kicked over multiple times on the store front.

Vandalism Update

Jordan Lamers Reports

Nazi Graffiti

SLC woman encouters swastika in Sugarhouse

Hampton Inn construction site damage

Hampton Inn construction site damage

Vandals Damage JV Park Fountain

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Operations of the fountain at Jordan Valley Park is not expected to be affected by vandalism at the facility overnight, accordin...

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