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hydro car

hydro car london

Part 2: Hydro painting with water and finger nail polish

FYI Guy Jeremy Rabe shows us how to hydro paint! All you need is water and finger nail polish.

Part 1 Video: Hydro Painting pots

FYI Guy Jeremy Rabe shows us how to hydro paint. It's super easy and so much fun!

Bob G.

Live Shot From Las Cruces

Itaipu dam makes Paraguay leader in renewable energy

The Itaipu hydroelectric dam on the border between Paraguay and Brazil provides 80% of all the energy consumed in Paraguay, now the world’s leading...

Solar lamps light way despite Cameroon blackouts

Cameroon is suffering unprecedented power cuts, with several blackouts a day. The government has promised to improve to the country's hydroelectric...

Hydro Bikes Live

In Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Public expresses concern about hydroelectric project

Things got heated when people came to the Shilo Inn on Wednesday night to address their issues with a proposed hydroelectirc power plant project. T...

Irrigation district proposal to divert water has some concer

The concern comes with the proposal to divert water for two small hydroelectric dams year round. Residents say while the plan won't be an issue in ...

Ute Water New Hydro-Electric Power Plan

The Ute Water Conservancy District is starting to use some new technology to help save energy costs for their operations and customers.

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