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Tri State Winter Storm

Tri State Winter Storm

snow toss live

snow toss live clip

Hundreds of skiers, snowboarders take advantage of fresh snow at Mt. La Crosse

All of that fresh snow has skiers and snowboarders flocking to Mt. La Crosse.

Homeless in the snow

It's an inconvenience for most... but it's downright dangerous for others.

Snow plows hard at work

We're hearing from people who are excited about the prospect of making money off the snowfall.

VIDEO: Berks gets ready for the snow

VIDEO: Berks gets ready for the snow

Stay safe on the roads: Strong gusty winds and a lot of snow approaching

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WFFT) - FOX 55 meteorologists say we may get a possible 4 to 6 inches of snow Saturday.

Residents Remove Snow Early

Mason City residents are working hard to clear the flakes

After relatively snow-less winter, salt trucks, plows hit the road again

A lack of snow so far this year means snowplows and their drivers have had a bit of a break, but that’s changing with Friday’s storm.

Drivers brave the snow-covered roads

One driver spoke with KIMT News 3's Brian Tabick about how he's handling driving in the winter storm.

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