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Einstein pertenece a un zoológico móvil y marchaba a un evento en Filadelfia

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Lola's Lowdown: Zoo babies

Lola and intern Lui bring us this week's top animal stories

Zoo Guest of the Week: Bearded Dragon

They are found through much of Australia in a wide range of habitats such as deserts, shrub lands and Eucalyptus woodlands.

New gibbon exhibit opens at Utica Zoo

New gibbon exhibit opens at Utica Zoo

Chattanooga Zoo 11-15-18


Zoo Guest of the Week: April the Chinchilla

Chinchillas, an endangered species, are most active around dawn and dusk and live in colonies called "herds" at high elevations of up to 14,000 ft.

Zoo Guest of the Week - Burmese Python

These pythons can be found throughout Southern and Southeast Asia in tropic and subtropic areas.

Mikhail, one of world's oldest tigers, dies at Oregon Zoo

Creepy yet beautiful critters from the Kentucky Reptile Zoo

The Kentucky Reptile Zoo is home to several different animals of all shapes and sizes, including ones that some may find a little creepy. Since it’...

Zoo Guest of the Week: Madagascar Radiated Tortoise

These tortoises are endangered mainly because of the destruction of their habitat by humans and because of poaching.

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