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Moneywatch: Automakers add safety measures to self-driving vehicles

The latest financial headlines from Channel3000.com.

Extra WA distracted driving patrols will be out next week

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission announced Monday that there will be extra patrols focused on distracted driving out April 2 through April 18.

Effective Advertising

One thing all business owners want to know is how to increase traffic into their business. When you begin to research how to do that, you find all ...

Self-Driving Car Concerns

The self-driving car industry is facing tough questions this week after an Uber autonomous vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian. NBC's Liz McLaug...

St. Patrick's Day Safety

Law enforcement agencies are cracking down on drunk driving.

Winter Weather Driving Tips

Winter Weather Driving Tips

Driving on Rainy Roads

Rain has started to fall in South Mississippi leaving roads slick and dangerous. News 25's Caroline Eaker joins us live with some tips on how to ma...

Blue Salt on Roads

The brightly-colored road salt is spread on the roads to prevent overuse

VIDEO: Concerns over icy conditions

There are several tips drivers should be aware of when driving in snowy or icy conditions.

Railroad crossway safety concerns

Yesterday we brought you breaking news about a van that was struck by a Kansas City Southern Train on the railroad crossway on Beach Boulevard and ...

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