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Blue Salt on Roads

The brightly-colored road salt is spread on the roads to prevent overuse

VIDEO: Concerns over icy conditions

There are several tips drivers should be aware of when driving in snowy or icy conditions.

Railroad crossway safety concerns

Yesterday we brought you breaking news about a van that was struck by a Kansas City Southern Train on the railroad crossway on Beach Boulevard and ...

MDOT Drive Smart Campaign

News 25's Hank Davis interviews Jas N Smith about the MDOT Drive Smart Campaign for more information please visit GoMDOT.com/drivesmartMS

Local Police Tackling School Bus Stop Sign Violators

The goal is to always protect kids going to and from school.

Pizza delivery carries on during winter weather

When temperatures reach below freezing, like the past two days, schools and businesses begin to close and most families make it a point to stay ins...

Warren & Griffin: Winter Driving Tips

Attorney Ryan Womack ,from Warren & Griffin, offers some timely winter driving tips.

Fog driving tips

The North State experienced some major fog on the highways.

Minnesota DWI arrests

The state's department of public safety says more than 2,600 drivers were arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Golf cart resolution moves forward in Long Beach

A resolution allowing golf carts on the city streets in Long Beach is driving up debate. City aldermen plan to discuss the resolution in Jackson to...

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